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A Sadie Hawkins Seminar: It takes a Team to Build an Inclusive Culture in the Engineering Profession
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Benedum 102

Does anyone remember what a Sadie Hawkins event is?   That’s when “girls” invite the “guys”.  For this seminar honoring Women’s History Month, we want to assure that what would traditionally be an audience dominated by women also includes many men who are interested in creating inclusive cultures in the engineering profession. 

An August 2016 article in the Harvard Business Review, examined the question “Why do so many Women Who Study Engineering Leave the Profession?”  Although women make up 20% of Engineering Graduates, 40% of them either never enter the field or leave. The longitudinal study presented in the article found the answer to the question in the professional engineering culture.

This seminar explores the basics of organizational culture and the uniqueness of a traditional engineering culture.  We then dig deeper to explore what research tells us about the challenges women face in leadership and what all engineers can do to increase the increase inclusive nature of engineering cultures--- particularly how millennials can lead the way in doing this.  

The seminar is presented by B. Jean Ferketish, associate professor in the School of Education.  Dr. Ferketish started her career in Westinghouse where she worked to build total quality cultures and then spent years consulting with businesses on creating strong cultures. She joined the University of Pittsburgh in 1995 and became Secretary of the Board of Trustees in 2001. She is a frequent presenter at conferences on the topic of creating strong organizational cultures.  

“Global Diversity: Strengthening Community Engagement in a Changing World” (April 14, 2017)
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Benedum 102

Panelists: PPG, Westinghouse, Covestro, UPMC, Alcoa, Chester Group

“Global Diversity: Strengthening Community Engagement in a Changing World” panel will provide an opportunity for the students, faculty, staff, and the campus community to learn about practices and measures that Pittsburgh-area companies undertake to maintain inclusiveness in their workplace and Pittsburgh community. Additionally, the panelists will have an opportunity to engage the campus community in their companies’ work by discussing their companies’ initiatives that are bringing positive changes to communities around Pittsburgh and the world.